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Very scary


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While this is not directly related to LC it is something that every patient should consider.

Earl has taken a bzillion meds over the last 10 months. I joked with our pharmacist that he had become my new 'best friend'.

During all this LC trip, Earl also had some a??? fibrilation problems especially right after his lung surgery. The hospital put him on Amiodarone (I think that is the right spelling) When we met with the cardiologist he said he wanted Earl off that drug as soon as possible since it is a very powerful drug with many side effects. He has been off this for 6 months.

Earl has for years had bad headaches and has had for years an RX for Amidrine which can help stop the headaches before they start.

Well you know where I am going. I picked up a refill of Amidrine yesterday. When I got home I saw that the pills were pink tablets - Amidrine is yellow and red capsules. At first I thought maybe the drug comes in both forms. But went back to drug store just in case. You got it - they were Amiodarone.

If we hadn't really checked - or if this were the first RX and we didn't know what the drug looked like - who knows what could have happened.

So check EVERY RX - ask the druggist are you sure this is right.

Oh by the way, the label on the bottle said Amidrine.

P.S. Thank God, Earl is doing great. 2 weeks tomorrow since last chemo and really getting slowly back to his normal life. Fatigue and his balance problems are the biggies right now. No doctors until late Sept.

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Excellent point. I think each patient needs a caregiver who will help them keep up with the med list. I have had to run interference for Lucie with some doctors, asking questions like, "Is this really necessary? She's already on so many meds." I have even removed some drugs that were there for a temporary problem, and asked her to tell me if the problem starts to come back. We really need an accountant to keep up! As a chemist, I shudder when doctors add drugs and never take any away. I was really impressed with Lucie's pulmonologist, who went over every drug she was taking at the time, and even suggested she get off a few. We take a computer printout of the drugs whenever we visit a doctor or have tests. Yes, and it is always good to check the pills and be sure you have the right ones. Thanks for the reminder, Ginny. Don

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So glad to hear that Earl is doing well.

It is amazing to me how I can suggest a medication for Bill and doctors willingly prescribe it. Shouldn't it be the other way around? Also, no one seems to be concerned about how many meds Bill is taking. Thankfully he tries not to take anything he feels is not necessary.

Blessings to you,


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I agree. Earl has been on Prevacid since early Oct. I had no idea why, just kept getting it refilled.

Finally asked the onc and he asked if Earl was on steroids back then. Why yes. Ah says onc. - we give Prevacid alot when patient of steroids.

Stopped the Prevacid this week, since no more steroids, chemo over.

Only on two RX, blood pressure meds and Zoloft. I am slowly taking off Zoloft next week.

I truly believe in better living thru chemistry - but only if needed.

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