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Strange Dream.....


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Since losing Dennis in 2002, I have had a few dreams but not an excessive amount. Some dreams I remember for a while and other times I wake up, know I have had a dream about him but can never remember the details. The dream I had last night was very different and I remember each and every detail. Here goes...hope this isn't boring.

I was away on a trip, apparently work related. I was very uncomfortable and wanted to leave for home but had no transportation, as I was leaving early. The building I was staying in was a very large building, made up of three serperate tall, curved buildings. One building was pink, one was beige and one was gray. The buildings each had lots of big windows. I picked up a phone and called Dennis, begging him to please come and get me. He replied that although he could see me from where he was, he would be unable to pick me up. He explained he could not leave where he was. When I asked what he was doing, he replied that he was relaxing and having a drink. He said he knew exactly where I was and knew that I was unhappy. He said he would call Mark (his best friend) and have Mark pick me up. That was the end of the dream. When I woke up, I felt very sad, although I felt as if I really had a conversation with Dennis.

Has anyone had a dream like this????

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Ann, The few dreams that I've had with my mom are similar. She's there talking to me but has to remind me that she isn't really there but that she's fine. It's like she's trying to get me to accept that she's not here on earth. I know many people that have similar dreams that I can only think that it's our loved ones talking to us. Its so comforting because my mom is healthy in those dreams and seems at peace and relaxed. I'm so glad you had that dream. He seems to be having a good time where he is right now.

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Dreams sometimes bring us great joy and other times great sadness or confusion. I am glad you got to talk to Dennis. He is still watching over you. Now what would be strange is if the guy he mentioned calls or shows up in the next couple of days.

I have had some dreams about my family that have been very comforting and then there have been the other ones where I either wake up confused or just plain sad. But like Don, I am always glad I have had them.


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Well Ann I guess I will jump in here and let you know what I think. You know about many of my dreams so I won't repeat them here. It sounds to me like several things may be going on. First of all I believe that you had a visit from Dennis not just an ordinary dream. I also feel that there is something in your life that you are not happy with and don't know how to get out of it. You have always depended on Dennis to help you out of bad spots so you turn to him in your mind and heart. He sees and wants you to know that you have his support but he can not come back to you but can lend you support from where he is. He wants you to know that he sees everything but if you need to escape something it is up to you. He can't help in any way except by letting you know that he is watching and you have his love and support. Does this make any sense to you?

I had one dream that came over and over. It stopped for a while but Monday I had it again but it was a little different. I never see Johnny in the dream but I am always searching for him. I know he is out there somewhere but I just can't find him and I feel like I am running out of time. That if I don't find him soon I will never see him again. That dream alwys leaves me with mixed emotions too. I'm glad to have any dream about him but am always heartbroken because I can't find him and am afraid that I never will.

Be thankful Dennis is still watching over you. Lillian

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Lil...The entire dream does make sense. I am so unhappy with my current job right now but I just can't seem to walk out. The pay is very good for this area and now I have to think about that very hard. Dennis was always here for me to lean on and whether I worked or not was never a huge deal. My Dennis would say...."get the hell out of there"...and wouldn't even second guess it.

Shirley...Mark is Dennis's very best friend from childhood and we communicate at least once or twice a month. You know, as a matter of fact, Mark called me the day after I had this dream. It was just a basic "check up" call to see if I'm alright!

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