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Justa....you out there reading?


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Dear Beth....

It's been about a month since you posted your last update. Just wonderin' how you're doing by now? Feeling any better....more upbeat?

We miss your input. Miss your humor. I do understand that some days finding one's humor is a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack :(...but I'm hoping that you ARE, INDEED, finding some things to smile, chuckle or laugh about daily...because it releases all those good endorphins from your brain.

Know we're all missin' ya and thinkin' about you...and hoping you'll show up here soon.


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Thanks, Lindsey. Guess I don't check the hall pass forum often enough.

Hope Bethie is doing okay. I worry about her. :(


I'm such a dork. :? Or maybe it's the brain radiation. :roll: I POSTED to Beth's request for a hall pass. It just seemed like it was longer ago than the 25th....and I was missing her input.

Ah well, if she is lurking at all...it can't hurt for her to know she's missed...can it?

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