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Transplanted Texan in RI has sick Dad in BAytown


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THis is Eppie,

I believe I used to post on this board like this 5 years ago when FIL had lung cancer and I found much solace and kind treatment fom the sweet souls here.

Sadly enough, I have need of the positive energy and useful information from cyber friends. So I am back. My 63 y.o. dad in Baytown, Texas has nsclc stage IIIb t4n2-3 M1. Onc. says were going in with chemo only. HE is calling this a treatable disease. That is a bit different from what we heard in 1998 about lung cancer. I am praying he is correct.

so on Mon. he is getting his catheter lines and the sand paper treament to patch the deflated portion of his lung caused by the pleural effusion. Then it is on to 2 times a week chemo treatments: carboplatin + taxol and whatever other concoction thrown in for good measure. Radiation tx will be added if the radiologist thinks it will be effective.

I live in Rhode Island and will be flying our on Thursday for the weekend. WE'll have to see how this changes all of our lives. I am grateful to the positive energy of the onc. before we met him we thought all was lost.

much love and cyber hugs to all on this message board,


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Welcome Eppie.

Sorry you need to visit us again, but I'm glad to know you - cyber-wise, that is.

I think you're right when you say this disease isn't the same as it was in the 90's. New treatments, understanding, research, and attitudes seem to crop up all the time. You have good reason to hope for the best for your dad.

Texas to Rhode Island? Now, THAT'S a change! Do you like the east coast? I spent a few hours in Rhode Island about 20 years ago and thought it was beautiful. But visiting and living are two different things.

Anyway, sending caring thoughts and strength your way. Now, go and kick that cancer's behind Texas style!


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Hi Eppie,

Your poor girl this is your 2nd wammy.. So sorry that really is a bummer.

But they have a plan for your dad and I feel this will work for him. If it doesn't then they will find something that does.

Yes, Eppie, there really is a difference today compared to treatments 5 years ago. So get the positive attitute going. Love him and be there as much as you could for him. Or just call everyday to tell him you love him and are thinking of him.

Please take care, I know you are very upset. You know, that we are always here.


Maryanne :wink:

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I married a Rhode Island boy I met at UT in Austin. We lived in HOuston for 10 years and then made to move to RI in 1998. I mistakenly said FIL was dx in 1998 but it actually was 1999 now that I am thikning about it. He was dx. in Sept and passed away in Nov. We went up to Dana Farber to enroll in a taxotere study and they said if he's still around in two months...but he didn't last a week after that. stage 4 with brain mets. He only received radiation and high doses of decadron as a palliative and essentially wasted away quickly. died in his sleep at home.

Hubs and I are both teachers. We have two children and live on the Narrow river not far from the Atlantic Ocean and NArragansett bay. It's a beautiful life. I love Texas but this is really the life for me. (Though I am known to whine about the snow and cold a little) I love the winter sports and summer boating seasons.

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