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My Ma has recently started chemo and is awaiting the start of radiation. She says she feels pretty good (very little nausea, shortness of breath is improving), but she fatigues very easily. She's getting alittle stir crazy, but i dont know what kind of activities we can do together. Do you have any suggestions? Although her diagnosis is very scary, i think this will be a great time for us to improve our relationship and spend some q. time together. :D

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Shopping !!! (they have wheelchairs and larks at the stores- and there are lots of stores)

Going to or renting movies

Trivia games, puzzles, word searches,

Crochet (you can buy a book- learn to crochet in 30 minutes)

painting, drawing, jewelry making

visit the zoo, museaums, fairs, theaters

You can plan "theme" nights. i.e...."One night in Mexico" with mexican foods and chips and fruity drinks, and watch a movie where someone goes to or takes place in Mexico...etc...you get the picture.

Just make the food and movie match a theme...that's always fun.

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I do the "movie" night with my son...there's nothing he likes more that snuggling with a huge bowl of popcorn or chips and salsa.

I got the "movie" night/theme idea from when I was little...we didn't have a name for it and it wasn't planned...it'd just happen...and I always remember those nights with my dad, even today. I hope it becomes a good memory for my kids too.


I've just started making bead and sterling charm jewelry. I just bought the stuff and played around and boy do I love it!

The good thing about these ideas is that you don't have to have alot of energy or be mobile to do them.

Another good idea is inviting everyone over in your family or your friends and call it a potluck...have everyone bring a favorite video and then hold a number drawing to see who's movie "wins" to view at the pot luck.

The good thing about this is that with all the food...your mom will surely eat alittle of something, which is always a good thing! (we tried all kinds of tricks and manipulation to get my dad to eat...as you can see, we got really creative!)

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