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OK so i'm a little strange but let's see what kind of responces this will get... Tell (1) thing that you have experienced that other's give you that OH REALLY NOW look when you tell it.... I'll go first...

About 40 year's or so Ago i woke up about 2 am in the morning and felt compelled to go out door's and look up to the heaven's WHEN OUT OF THE WEST CAME THIS WHITE DISK THAT WAS RAPIDLY HEADING TO THE EAST AND INSTANTLY WENT NORTH....It appeared to be up in the star's but definately was no star....

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Oh ok Larry...gee what to pick. How about something I don't tell many people, actually maybe only a couple in my entire life but...

From the time I was a little girl I have always known I'd have a Korean child. I used to actually beg my parents to adopt a child from Korea when I was young (hey I was an only child). Anyway...as a young girl I used to lie under this marble coffee table my parents had in the living room. One day I discovered I could draw on the underside of the marble in pencil. So if you crawl under that table today, you will see a picture I drew at about age 8 or so of my daughter Caitlin. Looks just like her, long hair and all...do do do do do do do do.

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OK...here goes !

As a child, I was able to "know" things before they would happen. For instance, I would think about people my parents hadn't seen in a long time and then those people would show up. My mother discouraged these "happenings" as she thought I was a bit "strange" but my dear grandmother told me that she too had this "gift." As time passed and I became older I lost these abilities, somewhat. But, I still have these things happen from time to time.

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OK, here goes, there have been several posts here where I have wanted to share this news but didn't want "that look", even in cyber form..

Some of you know my hubby passed away unexpectantly at age 29 about 5 years ago. I was devastated, in serious shock for months. My son and I moved in with his parents for a while after that. One night, as I was getting out of the shower, I saw something appear in the steam in the mirror. I first saw "I miss U", so I went downstairs (in my towel) to ask if they had written something the night before because I had been out with my brother in law. They were confused, so came upstairs. When we got back upstairs, we all saw it "Babe, IM OK, I miss you U2", written as only Chad would have. Father in law almost passed out literally, MIL had to catch him, MIL screamed. Within moments, the smoke detector started going off, I screamed and was very frightened for a few days. I am now very much at peace with his vist and feel very blessed.

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Short version of a long story:

My dad died when I was 8. One night, as I lay in my bed thinking, I wished he could send me a sign that he was OK. The horn on our car in the driveway went off, by itself. My grandfather was there, and eventually had to disconnect the horn to make it stop.

When he came in, I was a bit in awe. I wondered if it really could have been my dad.

Then the horn, still unplugged, went off again.

Thanks, Dad.

:) Kelly

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