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Ya gotta love what comes out of the mouths of babes. Reminds me of an incident a couple of weeks ago at my bosses house. He has a 4 yr old daughter. His wife called to my boss to say that a towel had fallen in the pool and to come get it out. He replied he was in the process of doing something ... 'not right now.'

Meanwhile the daughter was asking anyone within earshot if they would swing with her.

As Mom was gazing helplessly at the towel at the bottom of the pool, daughter walked over, grabbed a pole, and fished the towel out of the pool.

Dad walked up ... daughter asked, 'Daddy, will you swing with me?'

Dad answers, ' I can not be any more proud of you at this moment' (for figuring out how to get the towel out of the pool)

Daughter replies, " is that a yes or a no?"

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