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I have not posted in ages. My mother has been feeling excellent and I wanted to just stop thinking about it.

Now I have some suspicions that she is sick again. I do have a specific question. My mother recieved a lot of radiation in order for the tumor to be shrunk enough so they coudl operate. I noticed about a month ago she has a growth in the spot where she receieved the radiation. I could see it though her shirt, it sticks off her skin about an inch I would say. I ahve not seen it except through her clothes so I am not sure about color or anything.

She went to the Dr. last week and now she is having it removed today. She would not sya much expect that he did not like the looks of it.

Does radiation sometimes lead to cancerous growths in the spot that you get it?

I am a little concerend that her Dr. saw it on Wednesday and its alraedy being removed on Monday. Whenever they do something really quickly it makes me think they feel its urgent and bad news.

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