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Back again.


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Hello All,

I have been away for some time, but have had you all in my thoughts and prayers. Bet Ya didn't even notice I was gone! :P

It was so very sad to hear of the loss of our Dear friends Dean and Beth/"Just a kid" while I have been away. God Bless them both and their families.

I have bought a condo in Michigan where I am settling down very well after a traumatic move from CA, (to say the least.) The condo is very pretty, light and airy and has everything I need to be comfortable. It even has a pond stocked with bass and sports Canada Geese and egrets! I am also a ten minute drive away from my daughter Karen, and her family which is great.

So you see I have so much to be grateful for and he only thing that makes me sad is that David is not here to enjoy it with me.

I will not be posting too often as there is still much to do here, however I am at least "on board" again.

Love to you all,


PS. How do you spell geese?!We need a spell-check here! :P

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I am so glad to see you back and you are doing well after the big move.

My mom made a big move also after my dad died (Sept 19, 2004). She moved from Maryland to North Carolina. The house here in Maryland was just too much for her to keep up and was about an hour away from me. She moved two houses down from my sister. Sounds very much like you moving 10 minutes from your daughter. It is wonderful to have family close to you.

I am so glad to hear you are doing well and wish you much happiness in your new condo.

Our loved ones memory lives on forever no matter where we are living.


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