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More ??? Are mets to the stomach common?


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Can you tell me where you or your loved ones most often see mets with NSCLC - I know the bones for sure and adrenal areas (liver/kidney?) and brain -- what about stomach? Just trying to arm myself with info. I so appreciate everyone's feedback and well wishes.

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Many of those who have Lung Cancer will develop gastrointestinal problems. I've forgotten the percentage, but I remember that the rates were actually higher than I had expected them to be.

My tumors (evidently) express some kind of hormone that increases the production of certain digestive enzymes. I was told it isn't common for NSCLC to cause paraneoplastic syndromes, but my reading of annecdotal reports by patients leads me to believe that this occurs more frequently than is reported by the medical commnunity. I hope at some point that the docs will investigate this further and give us more accurate information in future.

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I believe many of us have lost a gall bladder after being diagnosed. I know I'm not alone - there've been a few after me....

Acid reflux seems to be pretty common after surgery, gall bladders just kinda happen - mine was removed ten months after my lung surgery. I had lots of what I thought were tummy aches prior to surgery - and all was benign.

Good luck!


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