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Need some Advice


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My Dad has developed pain in his lower left abdomen. They are not there all the time but come and go. He woke up last night with them. He says sometimes they feel like cramping, but he is not consitipated. The nurse was there today and said maybe he should cut back on his salt tablets. Did not see anything else wrong. Has anyone got any ideas about what could be causing pain. Mom is very scared. He has been off chemo for 2 months now. He has two lympth nodes by his left kidney that showed up on last PET. Brain mets sucessfully treated. No other mets. He has an appointment with Dr. on Friday, but wondering if we should bring him in before. Thanks for any help.


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I agree, call the doctor and let them tell you whether you should come in sooner. if your dad is very uncomfortable, I might press the issue. we've learned, with my mom, to go right to the source with new symptoms. often they're nothing, but when they were "something" we were happy to be in the right hands.

good luck,



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Sorry to repeat the same advice, but I would definitely call the doctor and explain all of this to him/her. Anytime there is pain, it's better to be on the safe side and find out the cause. Saying prayers thet things are better today.

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