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Mom says no more treatment...what now?

Miami Janet

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My Mom decided 2 weeks ago while she was in the hospital to D/C further treatment. She also refuses hospice? She says she will go out to see the doctor. She is so tired all the time and we have to really push her to get out of bed for even 1 hour a day. She has no interest in anything...TV etc and talks very little. She says there is no pain which is the only good thing I think. At what point will we have to call in hospice even if she doesnt want it? Has anyone had this happen...I want to respect her wishes but I dont want herto suffer and I could also use the support of people who know more then me about what is going on. I dont know if she does not accept she will die or what her reasons are..she was a nurse so she knows what she has. Any advice or personal experiences are appreciated. Janet

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Yes, I agree with Rich and Ginny. This is your moms life and decisions about treatment should be left to her. Do you personally feel that this is really what she wants? Have the two of you discussed this before in any way? I do think she should reconsider about Hospice. They are so much help to both the patient and the family. They will be able to keep your moms pain level under control. I will be saying prayers for your mom. Please let us know how she is doing.

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I agree with the rest - these are decisions for your mom to make, even though they may be difficult to accept. I've had to learn this year that my 92 year old mother will do the same thing, stubborn as she is!

Seriously though, you might present hospice care to her as something that will help you all. She may be looking at it as something for her that will be too much trouble for the rest of you, when in truth, it can be a big help to you all.

You have my prayers and best wishes.


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