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Good Morning Everyone,

First I'd like to apoligize for not being very active lately. I moved to a new location here at work and am still trying to settle in. I have been reading the posts, just haven't had time to respond. You are all still in my thoughts and prayers........

I spoke with my Mom and stepdad last night. They had a an appointment yesterday to start her new chemo. The doctor had researched her options the last week and suggested that she try a new combination. It is Avastin/Taxotere. I haven't heard much about either of these and was hoping someone could give me a little insight. My stepdad was telling me that the Avastin hasn't yet been approved by the FDA for treatment of lung cancer. He was telling me that it has been used quite successfully in treating colon cancer. From what he said, it is in the process of being approved. Has anyone heard of this? Is it common to offer treatment when it hasn't yet been approved? This is all so foreign to me....forgive me if I sound so naive.

My Mom sounded great on the phone last night. She was impressed with her doctor and he gave her something that is priceless......HOPE.

Warm Hugs,


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no apologies! not ever!! no dues or fees here, just unconditional love and support when you need it. anyway, as usual, I am no good to you in the information department but there are plenty here that I know have experience with those drugs. hang in there, I am glad to hear there's a plan in place.



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Melinda: I have read that avastin is a very promising drug. I thought it was supposed to be used with a platinum based drug like carboplatin, but I suppose it is so new that no one knows for sure how it can most effectively be used. I think your mom can expect good reults from this new combo. I hope it is works wonders for your mom.

Don M

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Hi Melinda,

My husband is currently on Tarceva and Avastin. For the first time he has become stable. I don't know if it is the combination that is working, but I suspect that the Tarceva alone would not have worked. Avastin is not yet approved for lung cancer so you may have issues with the insurance. We are still waiting to see if we are going to have to pay for it (very expensive). I hope it helps your mom, I am glad my husband is getting it.

Karen H

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I have been wondering how Mom was doing. Sounds like this may be a good combination for her. Personally I have not had these, but many have with good results. I pray for those results for her.

Don't worry so much when you cannot post. Wea are not keeping a tally, you know? Come when you can.


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