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Hi Myrna,

I'm sorry I don't know about the drs at Sloan. I would like to recommend that you start to ask questions in a forum that will more likely get you an answer.

You can try either NSCLC or the SCLC depending on your dx or in the General forum. You can certainly post here if you are more comfortable but more likely to get an answer if the more appropriate forum.

Please do not take this a criticism but just helping you understand how this board works.

Good luck with your search.

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What is it your so unsure of? Is there something we can do to clear things up for you? No matter what kind of surgery a person has, they aren't always easy to go through. However, in this case, if your doc's said they can do surgery, that IS A GOOD THING FOR YOU! Many MANY MANY people have this surgery done, and come through JUST FINE and go on to live a very NORMAL EVERYDAY LIFE!

GO get a second opinion but don't put this off to long. A second opinion might be just what you need. I might even suggest a THRID if the second doesn't give you great comfort.

Good luck.

I just want to say Thank you to everyone of you for being so helpful.I guess Im getting cold feet now and am so unsure of everything
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