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Dedicated to my Mom


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Hi All, my daughters and I are all Irish Dancers with a dance group called McConnell Irish Dancers. My Mom was one of the first McConnell dancers, so my girls are third generation dancers. For this next week, Winnipeg has a festival called Folklorama. It is a multi-ethnic festival, where the different groups have a pavillion, where they showcase their music, dance and food. Ours is called Isle of the Shamrock. Last night one of our shows was dedicated to my Mom and another of the dancers/teachers that passed away from cancer in May. What a proud moment. Just thought I'd share.


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Faylene that is awesome and as a dancer it is so amazing to have something like that dedicated. I am actually involved in a 3 day benefit show for my high school director that passes away from bone cancer 2 years ago. We are tryign to save out old high schools drama, band and altheltics department so it will be an amazing honor for him too and am very excited to do so. and Alumni tribute show no less too.

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Faylene, I am sure your mom was equally proud to have you all dance in her honour-what a beautiful tribute. It is so wonderful that the tradition of dance has been passed down from your mother to you and then your daughters, and, in time, they will pass the tradition to their children. You must be so proud. Take care, Deb

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