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My dad has completed 2 rounds of Carbo/Taxol/Pamidronate. 10 rounds of WBR. He recently contracted a blood clot in his right arm pit last wednesday. He has been on heparin for 3 days and had two injections to belly ( he doesn't know what but I suspect some other low molecular weight anticoagulants) The right arm was where his PICCt was and now surgeons are advising against installing another in that arm. The left arm is another no-go (not sure why) so the last option is the port. He is receiving conflicting info about whether he can have the port I guess fear of another clot. Also another bummer...he was to have gamma knife procedure last week and now all docs are advising against that becasue of the anticoagulants in his system.

so I have two questions: Can taxol/carbo be administered after a round of Topotecan or Etoposide or Tarceva? I am pushing the onc to give my dad some sort of oral chemo agent. My rational is that Dad's chemo has stalled now for two weeks. he has had an incomplete treatment to the brain mets. I feel urgency is needed to halt the growth of this cancer. He tolerated the Taxol/Carbo very well but if he is not able to get a port or a picc...then oral agents are needed. This is only until this clot problem is resolved and he can have either a port or picc placed. I really want to see his treatment----cancer destroying treatment resumed....

Second question: How long after anticoagulants are administered can surgery be performed? I don't want to put off this gamma-knife procedure too long. Is this a common problem whenre patients develop hemologic effects due to chemo treatments and what is a common protocol when this occurs?




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I think you might have to ask this in the Ask the Experts forum Eppie. I hope your dad is back on track real soon. I think he would be happy with a port. I had to have a picc line for an infection and it is much more work to deal with then a port. John is very happy with his.

Good luck to your dad.

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It's been over a week and Dad is home and he has resumed his chemo treatments but using an IV. Carbo-taxol-pamidronate The Gamma knife is still put off. I told dad to put a bug in his radiation onc's ear to not forget about him. He is eating (even gained 4 pounds) and feeling pretty good. I am relieved. Good days are followed by bad. and bad days are followed by good! I guess also losing his hair had a very upsetting effect. Mom, me and my brother all were crying but not in front of dad of course. He's a tough guy and everyday is a new day for fighting this beast.

Much love and healing to all cyber friends in this battle.


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