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Sprial CT Scan


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OK, I know this is silly but my onc mentioned at my appointment 4 mos. ago that he wanted to send me for a spiral CT after my next visit. He said that he sent two other long term survivors with no symptoms and the scans found SCLC growths in both. I will reach my 4 years since dx next month. I've had no recurrences and feel great. So, now it is time to go back for my quarterly appointment with my onc next week and I am scared to death that he is going to remember to send me for the scan. I don't think I want to know if there is anything there. I know this is ridiculous because the whole point of the Spiral CT is to catch the cancer early enough to have a chance at successful treatment. So, why am I such a coward? Thanks for letting me vent. My friends and family just don't understand how I could feel this way.

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My DH and I discovered why these new spiral CT's are so controversial. My DH had NO symptoms and had the scan in July. It noted 2 nodules. I will spare you details....but short version is they are too tiny to do anything about. He went back in October for his followup scan. Yep...still there only this rad found a third one which he said WAS actually there in July and was missed. STILL too tiny. Now DH goes back in April. My point is...if they are too tiny to do anything about, why even find them, you know? We feel we are just waiting for these to grow large enough to determine what kind of LC they are. In which case we probably could have just had a chest x-ray every 6 months until they FINALLY would show up there.

Sorry to go on, but I am with you. It is devastating to KNOW something is there and just have to wait and wait and wait.

Let us know what is decided. I will be thinking and hoping for you.


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