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Update - Connie's Heart Pass

Donna G

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Got a call yesterday from Connie. She arrived here in Minnesota safely Monday- BEFORE THE SNOW STARTED. Yesterday afternoon they drove down to Mayo in Rochester to see the Heart Specialist who has lots of experience with the rare Myxoma Tumor. She said she had lots of tests like Cardiac Echo etc that started at 7 am today. After all the tests she sees this doctor. They are staying there in a Motel, thank goodness, for you may say WE ARE GETTING A LOT OF SNOW today. She said they have a shuttle service from the motel to the hospital so Maurie won't even have to drive or dig out the car (yet) She said she will call me with an update. I will let you know more when she does. Please continue praying for our dear friend. She is such a sweety! In the past 10 plus years I can not possibly count all the people that she has reached out, to most especially people suffering with this disease. Besides this board she started 2 face to face lung cancer support groups and every person attending becomes her family! Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks Donna

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I am one of those fortunate enough to have been touched by Connie. I have said such heartfelt prayers that my insides hurt! Thank you for keeping us informed....for we ARE all family here and want to know how she is doing. Sorry they must contend with snow. It is to start here tomorrow, but nothing like you must get in MN.

Hope she gets some good news soon.



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