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My new pair of shoes


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That shoe! If it ever really dropped, as many times as I think it's about to, I'd be carpeted in shoes by now.

The trial is going well, actually. As usual, I don't have the usual side effects as most people. What they report most commonly is "mild nausea," and that, for me, just means I burp a lot in the afternoons! (Be glad you're not around me then, and grateful it's just the burps! My cat already thinks I'm nuts.)

During a few infusions, I felt that "sleeping leg" thing in my left leg, very mild, and then haven't noticed it at all this week. (I'm in the 3rd week of the trial - had 1 week of MWF infusions, then a week off, and this week of MWF infusions - will see doc next week.)

I need to learn how to just STOP it! I'll get a new ache or pain, and then wonder, "is this it?" Well, no, it's just a little ache here and there -- not unusual by now. I did take 2 mild pain pills last weekend because of the spot in my back that would bother me at night when I'd sleep in the same position too long. I must get over this too, and learn to take and appreciate pain meds when I need them!

But, back to "normal" this week, whatever that is. Other than the burpies every day (I'm taking Protonix and it helps a LOT with this) I'm in good shape.

A funny -- I go in Monday for the infusion, they get me all set up and going on the IV, I'm sleeping, and I wake up and know something just isn't right. In a few seconds, I figured out what -- the tubing had sprung a leak, and I was soaking wet! We won't know that day how much of the meds went into me vs. on me. Then, when they got me a hospital gown to put on and I sat down to finish the infusion, the nurse spilled the cup of water sitting next to me! Ack! I finally made it out of there in a hospital gown, dry, but a little cold, but none the worse for wear. We all had a good laugh over it all I told them I was going to file a complaint yesterday when I didn't get my free bath - ha!

Hope everyone is hanging in there. I was "blocked" from here by my ISP for a while, but Rick finally helped get that fixed, so all is back the way it was.


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