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How long after chemo?


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Till you started feeling "like your old self" again?

My FIL has his final chemo tomorrow, and is wondering how soon he will feel like himself again. I am not sure how to answer him, because at 81 years of age, with 1/2 of his lung gone, and having gone through major surgery and chemo, he may not ever feel like his old self again. At 81 years old, he physically was more like 65. Even now, going through chemo, he is able to bowl, he is snowblowing not only his own driveway and sidewalks, but his neighbors too! He is able to get out and about and do shopping, he is a bit short of breath at times, but definitely seems to be doing very well.

It worries me that he has it in his mind that once he has done the recommended course of treatment that life will be what it was pre-cancer. Maybe that is OK for him to think right now?

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After I finally finished treatment, it took a couple of months to get back to my old self. The good news is that I feel better now that I did before I was diagnosed. I do suffer from some symptoms associated with the chemo and radiation. They are minor compared to SOB,fatigue and everything else associated with this disease.

Hope this helps,



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One of the problems we humans have is thinking we can go back to "the way it was", when what we need to do is live into the "new norm". It will take your dad a while to recover because the chemo continues working after the last treatment. If he is lucky, things may return to some "normal", but he may have some lingering limitations. Lucie has asthma and allergies, which seem to kick in more often since she has had chemo. She gets tired more easily, although walking or water aerobics can help her gain some strength and endurance. Wish your dad well. Don

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It took Joel a couple of months to feel like himself. He still had some numbness in his left nipple area, but that has all subsided now. He still however has some numbness in his feet. But that is tolerable.

He will be fine. He was and is so active he should bounce back in no time.

So glad it is over... :D

Maryanne :wink:

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Darci: I started feeling good again about a month after chemo, but I pushed myself during chemo. I still can't do what I used to do before, but that is mainly because I have only one lung now. If he thinks he can do everything he did before treatment, more power to him, I say. Go for it and gung ho!

I remember my oncologist told me it takes a year before you get all your stamina back.

Sometimes,lately, it seems like I can do more. I don't get panty going up a flight of stairs anymore, and I did just a few months after chemo.

I make sure I get aerobic exercise every day.

Don M

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