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Davids Race?


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Hey Sandy, and everyone else.

I haven't had any time to go online over the past month. There's much I've missed -- shirleyb, rayroy, mainecoon, shelly, rana, and dona, please accept my heartfelt condolences on the passing of your loved ones -- they are the reason I ride my bike with so much determination.

No Sandy, I haven't raced yet. The big World Championship 24hr Solo Race is on August 30 and 31, from noon 'til noon. I got confirmation a few days ago that I was officially entered in the race, and I promptly sent off my entrance fee. I've been so busy organizing fundraising (spent two full weekends in the malls and collected $2020.00) that I haven't had much time to train. I did however, get a chance last Monday to ride 102 miles to spend the night with friends camping, then rode back the 102 miles the next morning; it took me 7 hrs to ride up, and 6:20 to ride back. I was practicing what to eat while I ride - my nutritionist says I have to eat at least 500 calories an hour while I'm riding, and possibly more during the race! So I'm working at seeing exactly what 500 calories looks like.

It looks like I'm going to cause quite a stir with the media covering the event. They're always looking for a human interest story at these events, and the coordinator is already getting requests about me, and I haven't even submitted my bio yet. She also said there was going to be BIG name TV coverage this year, but was not allowed to tell me who, so you guys down south of the border might get a chance to see me on TV. Who knows?

The charity I am fundraising for is called Cops for Cancer; 23 police officers ride over 650 miles over 12 days through communities from the north end of Vancouver Island to the south end. They stop at numerous events to participate in various fundraising activities - the most popular fundraiser is the head shave. I'm getting mine done Oct. 2 when the Cops stop by my school - I'll update my photo then. And I've got at least 25 people at the places I work collecting pledges in order to shave their heads. One of them is Mrs. Probst, my school's Principal. Another woman who was asked to shave her head by a fellow said she would only shave it if he raised $2500.00. He said,"no problem", and she replied," if I match your $2500 then I only have to cut it short and donate the long hair to make wigs for kids." Seems she had second thoughts - but it sure is "raking it in". And to top it all off, we got the head office to match $ for $

what we raise.

Anyway, I have to go to bed now, I've got a big ride in the morning before I go to work at 1:00. I will update as things happen. Bye for now,

David P

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You've given me an idea for something I can do with my own soon to be hairless head... I can take pledges from folks telling them that I will shave my head if they send checks to Lung Cancer On Line, or ALCASE. All I have to do is find someone I trust to shave my head shortly in advance of the great mane fallout. :) I think I'll charge them extra for eyebrows...

Fay A. (and no, I'm not kidding!)

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