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Snowflake is in DA HOUSE!


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Anyone up to chat for a bit? I don't have hours to spare, gotta get up in the AM, but have some time to pound some keys...

C'mon, don't leave me talking to myself! Head to the chat room! If you've never been, the link is on the left, third bullet under the orange "Support" title!

I won't be by myself for long, I'll hang out for a bit, then I'll just find a Sudoku site... :wink:

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All done, Snowflake has left the building....

Impromptu works well, folks. Start one any time, there's usually someone lurking around that might be tempted to join.... 8)

Sorry we missed you, RY! Learned how strong Val is, she can pick up a house! Bet she had Wonder Woman Underoos as a kid... :wink:


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