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Ronnie's Update


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If I am posting this info twice just please forgive me...I can't find my other post...

I sure missed everyone!

Ronnie was in the hospital three times between Thanksgiving and Christmas for a blocked artery from the aorta to femoral artery on the left requiring a bypass. At his follow-up appointment, after the second hospital stay, he had a seizure in the doctor's office transporting him by EMS right back into ICU. :cry:

He is home now and has had his second PET Scan after three chemo treatments, three weeks apart. He has also remained on the Essiac Tea. The PET Scan showed all cancer but one single lymph node to be CLEAR!!! :o

We are still in shock after all he has been through recently, we were sure things would be worse...so for now we are just enjoying the results! :D

**I am a bit worried though as since his cancer has diminished this much with him still smoking 2-3 packs per day that he thinks he is bullet proof and won't take better care of himself. :?

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Welcome Back Darlene!

It sure sounds like you've had a very rough few weeks.

What great news from the PET scan though. That really is wonderful.

Praying for the continued success for Ronnie.

Warm Hugs,


PS. What is the Essiac Tea that he has been taking?

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I am so glad you checked back in! I have wondered about you and how you guys have been. Sounds as if there have been a few hurdles you had to jump in order to get to where you seem to be now. Good news there!

Happy to 'see' you again.


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