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rain check


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May I please have a rain check for all the good wishes and prayers.

Due to my unfortunate health situation I have had to reschedule my appts until the 27th. I couldn't face the drive to the hospital this morning - 50+ miles on two lane winding road.

I'm sure that you will all rest much easier when I tell you that my cold is progressing very well.

All muscle groups between my armpits and hips now scream whenever I cough, my throat is on permanent tickle alert and I wish I'd bought shares in kleenex!!

Other than than being groggy from the Benedryl I took first thing (thanks for the hint Ginny) I am doing just ducky!!!

My thoughts are with Connie and Joanie and all the others who have had major problems recently, but just think it could have been worse......you could have had my cold as well!!!!!!!!!!

Yours in jest,


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Sorry, Geri,

I know how it is to be all revved up and then being let down like that. Now to get prepared all over again, SORRY, again, big time. Hope the cold takes a hike real soon. Must be absolutely miserable.

I just got back to the hotel...had ALL my scheduled tests today. Of course to do the brain MRI I must be drugged outta my mind. However, in spite of that, I THINK I managed to get the tech's opinion that all looked good. Here was the conversation.....

Me...Can you REALLY see everything going on in there?


Me...Do I have a brain?


Me...Can you tell if there's something BAD in there?


Are you getting the idea - the tech is a real blabber mouth :roll: !

Me...Does it show my brain is an 'old' brain?

Tech...Actually it is capable of showing deterioration due to age.

Me...Has mine deteriorated?


Me...Guess you aren't allowed to tell me if there's anything that shouldn't be there, huh?


Me...How about if I guess and then you just SMILE if everything is okay?

Tech...noncommittal expression

Me...You know, I live life in 3 month intervals. BUT the time between today and tomorrow when the doc will give me the results seems that long alone.

Tech...Smiles and says 'your pictures' looked good!

Could that be a WOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO??? If so, then I only have all the other results to fuss about until 9:00AM tomorow!

Fred said that even drugged outta my mind I am still a force to be reckoned with!!!! Hope the tech wasn't just shutting me up.

So Geri, I can now save up again all the good wishes and vibes and maybe your cold will cooperate and be gone!!!



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Your post made me smile...of course you DO NOT need a rain check! Don't ya know you are in everyone's prayers daily!

Hurry and get over this nasty cold. I am just getting over mine and boy oh boy it was a doozy! LOL, don't think I've ever written *doosy* so if it's not spelled correctly...sorry :D

My doc prescribed cough med with codeine to suppress the *tickle* and it really helped!

Hugs, Libby

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Oh you girls...it never stops with you!

I heard on the news today and now from the good Pulm. Rehab director today, Geri, that a saline rinse up the nose is the only way to go! She said to contact a pharmacist if you need a preservative-free saline rinse, otherwise there are good and cheap delivery methods OTC. She talked extensively on the subject. Sinus' and lung airways are all connected and parts of the same system. One is inflamed the other is inflamed.

And Kasey.. you are Good! I have NEVER gotten a peep or an eyebrow lift out of any one of them. Only an ultrasound tech a couple times but that doesn't count.

You did good. Now both get some rest tonight.

Cindi o'h


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