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Dad had first Oncology Visit Today


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Hi Everyone,

My Dad had his first visit today with the medical oncologist. As you might recall from my introductory post, I was very much dreading this visit, not knowing what to expect. I'm happy to report that I am feeling much better now, more hopeful, as so many of you predicted that I would. Thank you again for your words of support, advice and encouragement.

I think we are all going to like this Doctor very much and his nurse seems to be an absolute sweetheart. Before we left she gave both my Dad and me her card and said that if we ever have any questions or concerns to not stew or fret about them but to call her right away.

The Doctor was not doom and gloom like the surgeon had been. He said that although he cannot cure my Dad, he will help him to prolong his life. I thought this was a fair statement and actually, I was comforted by it because it said to me that the Doctor had a plan and a goal. He began by telling us that at this time he can offer my Dad something more than the usual first line treatment. There is a Tarceva trial starting next week and once my Dad finishes the first line, he can go into that!! Is that as good as I think it is? The Doctor also told us that because he works for a cancer center and is paid a salary versus an oncologist in private practice who bills the government and so doesn't have the resources or time to go beyond the norm, we would have the advantage of trials and new research. He said that they would take very good care of my Dad.

First line treatment will consist of Cisplatin and Gemcitabine 1 time per week for two weeks and then two weeks off. He will have a total of 4 cycles of this treatment. Does this sound reasonable? The Doctor also spoke to the radiology oncologist and it was decided that since my Dad doesn't have any bone pain, that he would go first with the chemo. Does this also sound reasonable?

We go next Thursday for a *teaching* day and then I believe the first treatment will be on the 25th of January. This will be approximately 2 months since the mass was first discovered by x-ray. I will let you all know how things progress for us.

Thank you all again for being here. It's truly a wonder that you all give so freely of your time and your heart in the face of your own struggles with this disease. God Bless you all.


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So glad you're feeling so much better about the whole situation. Having a good doctor really helps. I also opted to go directly to chemo instead of having the radiation that was originally presented to me because I had no pain and I wanted to go right after the whole thing as soon as possible. Radiation will always be an option.

Good luck.


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Hi Lynda,

I received radiation first since I was in pain. Then I went on six cycles of chemo. After the 6 cycles, the doctor decided to do another 2 cycles (which I was going to argue for, since there continued to be shrinkage). I am on my added 2 cycles now, but having trouble with my blood counts.

As long as you have a good doctor, you can ask questions - Also, the nurse can be really helpful. My doctor's nurse is very knowlegable and can get access to the doctor as needed.

Good luck.


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