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Hi Everybody:

I am new to this forum. I was just lucky enough to find it. I am looking for anyone who has taken Tarceva for a while and wondering how they are doing on it. I recently started taking it but I have heard stories about it that do cause me concern. I have nsclc Stage IV....I had my upper right lobe removed back in June of 2004 followed by chemotherapy. The cancer has now come back (December 2005)to my middle lobe, lower spine and pelvic area. My onc recommended radiation for my lower spine to shrink the tumor(pain level was very high). I am two-tirds through with that and the results have been great. The tumor has been reduced and pain is almost gone. My concern is Tarceva......any opinions.

Thank you.


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Good Morning Janet~

As you can see from my profile, my husband has been on Tarceva for quite awhile now. Prior to that he was on Iressa. The tarceva has kept him stable and he has very little side effects--just the rash and occasional diarrhea. Now when he first started he had some bleeding problems because he was on a blood thinner. Once the blood thinner was discontinued he was ok. There are many members here using Tarceva--we can't say enough good things about it. Good luck and welcome to the family here.

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Hey Janet,

I have been on Tarceva since April of last year and have had stable scans ever since. The only side effects I have had are very dry skin, a little acne, and occasion diarrhea. I feel so fortunate to have this drug as an option. Much easier than chemo. I actually feel normal.



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Hi Janet, Welcome and glad you found us. I too am on Tarceva (since FEB05/see my profile below) and have had very good results. Did get the rash in the begging for 2 or 3 months but it went away. Did develop diarrhea that would not go away so had mine dropped from 150MG to 100MG and that solved the problem. I myself never smoked. My understanding talking to my doctor is it's the type of tumor one has that Traceva works best. Hope this helps. Rich

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