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Dealing with fatigue


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My mom (63, sclc ext.) finished radiation two weeks ago. She had a few bad days (wound up in hospital for dehydration) and a few good days (went shopping) after treatment was over, but has now lapsed into extreme fatigue.

By extreme, I mean that she would spend the entire day in bed, sleeping most of the time, if she could. I managed to get her up to eat or drink twice yesterday and she could barely keep her eyes open and begged to go back to sleep.

I've gotten two opinions from two doctors: one says if she wants to rest, let her rest; the other says to make her fight the fatigue because staying in bed will only make her more tired. Not sure what to do now? Also not sure if this level of fatigue is normal after radiation and whether people bounce back from it?


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Hi there,

My Mom was also really tired after her radiation treatments ended and like your Mom, some days were better than others. I do know that Mom pushed herself on the days where she was really tired and I'd like to think that it kept her from taking to her bed.

I have no real answers for you, other than to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Hang in there.


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I'm not 63 so I may have a little bit of a distorted perception. I'm younger than that but I would say push her a little.

I know when I finished up my radiation (chemo/rads together) I was tired. More tired than you can even imagine is possible. One morning I went for scans at about 8:00 am then had my radiation immediately afterwards. Came home and I sat down on the couch and tilted my head back... I don't remember a thing again till my kids came home from school around 3:30. But I pushed myself too. I still got up, got dressed, took care of my kids. I'm afraid if you give in to it completely you will "take to your bed and stay there". I would acknowledge her fatigue it's very real but I wouldn't let her give in to it. I'd try to get her to get up and do somethings then maybe a nap, then some more things, nap etc.

Good luck...

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While fatigue is certainly part of it, it does seem like she is overly tired. I think sometimes you do have to push yourself and fight the fatigue. There are also drugs that can be given to help her. I know others here are on ritalin, Concerta, etc. to help gain some energy.

I know when I have had to be in a hospital it seemed the more I laid around the less energy I had, so there may be something to the 2nd doctors opinion.

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Could This Be Red blood cell defiency? MAke Sure counts are cchecked, Aranesp helps this as a booster. DEb Painted the inside of the house while on radiation, because she wanted to!! All i had to was pay for supplies. The body does well to get rest also. It helps healing process. Check RBCs though.

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