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Flying with oxygen


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All right all, you all-knowing folks out there...I've got a question!

Have any of you flown (or flown with someone) while on oxygen?

Mom is REALLY looking forward to a trip this summer to Cabo to stay in my cousin's condo. My bro, SIL, DH, and son are going with her (Tay and I will be on another trip at the time...darn!). I think looking forward to the trip is doing her a world of good, but I am cncerned about the flights. I've read most of the airlines websites, but I am concerned about what happens during lay-overs, etc. Mom is 24/7 on O2, and my DH and bro can help her, but I have my concerns. I plan on going with her to her next pulm. app't to ak questions, as well.

Any words of wisdom? I'm counting on you guys!

:) Kelly

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Hi Kelly,

I wish I had some advice for you. But, have no idea about flying with oxygen.

I think it is wonderful that your Mom has such a great trip to look forward to.

So, you have to tell us more about the trip you have planned. :D

Warm Hugs,


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Kelly,when I was on O2 the airlines told me that you have to surrender your O2 to them before boarding.Then you use their O2.Yours is returned to you at destination.

I found it easier to make arrangements to have the O2 supplied at my residence while out of town,but I was fortunate there was a VA close by & they supply it to me free.If you need to purchase it it is a little expensive.(don't remember for sure but it was over $2.00 a lb. at that time.

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I don't know the particulars about flying with oxygen but I do know that you should be able to call the airline and ask questions. I know most airlines have a "special services" department and I'm sure they can answer your questions if you don't get the answers you need here.

Glad to see your mom is looking forward to her trip. She is such a sweet lady!!

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My cousin, who owns the condo, is also a pulmonologist (how convenient), and will be there the week before Mom goes, so he will already have a concentrator in place at the condo. We just need to get her there and back! Hopefully he can get one like she has now, where she refills her own bottles as needed.

I really want to make this happen for her. Thanks so much for all of your input!!

:) Kelly

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