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Antibiotics Not Working!!!!

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I posted here Friday with an update on my dad. Today Im having new scared feelings. He's been spiking fevers about once a day and they break real easy after given Tylenol. His doctors came in yesterday and said they were going to switch his antibiotics and see if he responds. Yesterday, dad had one dose, its given every 24-hours. Dad spiked a fever after that was given. His doctor said he thought the fevers meant one of two things, either the cancer is progressing or its the antibiotics. Im praying they wait until the new one has time and decide. I found out my dad's lungs are full of cancer and he has an unknown cavity in one lung. This could be cancer or from infection caused by the pneumonia. He only needs results from a phlegm culture to tell. He also is thinking of doing a Bronchoscopy to see if the culture doesn't reveal what he's looking for.

Thank each of you on this board...ya'll are in my thoughts and prayers. Please rememeber my dad in yours.

God Bless,


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Gosh Beth,

How did this new info come about.....the cancer filling both lungs and the cavity? Maybe I missed something along the way. If so, sorry.

It sounds scary, I know. Try to take a breath and focus on one thing at a time. I have no expertise with which to help you, but I will keep you and Dad in my thoughts and prayers. Remember, you can only do so much. Sounds like doc is taking one step at a time - and that is a good thing.

Try to hang in there. We will try to help you through this.


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Kasey- Im sorry I spoke with his oncologist about his CT and X-ray from the E.R.. He was a little more detailed than what I'd prepared for. Im glad to know the details, but very scary at the same time. I also found out today that there isn't a cavity in his lung either. His lung doctor studied his tests and said it appears to be the infection. My dad had a lobectomy and the DR. thinks his lung tissue has shifted and while his lung has filled with fluid from the pneumonia it only looks like a cavity.(THANK THE LORD!!!)

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