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Urine osmolality test


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I believe it is a test to determine fluid balance and whether her kidneys are functioning properly. Dark urine is a sign she could be dehydrated or a UTI. Make sure she's drinking enough. You can do a search on the net and find the normal values for the test and compare to your mom's once you get the results.

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I read a bunch of stuff online, but the nurse commented that their rehab rarely does them, so I was thinking it was a follow-up test considering they are already treating her for a UTI and her urine is dark.

Maybe either ( :lol: Ry) of you will know that decadron can cause diabetes. MOm has been on it for months and months and now they test her sugar around the clock and are giving her insulin shots. I had never read of this side effect, at least I had never noticed it.

Does this sound right?

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Does her urine smell (ok of course it smells) bad? Usually if it's an infection it has a foul odor. I don't know about the diabetes...but John is a diabetic and when he goes on steroids his sugar goes up.

Yeah John-- but you had the cool link. :lol:

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