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More tests & tests.....


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Gosh, I don't know where to start. My parents met with the orthopedic specialist on Thursday to discuss putting a pin in mom's right hip. He looked at the Mri results and said he couldn't tell whether it was actually cancer or damage from the steroids! He said the right hip looks like it has more danger of fracture. So, he had mom get more x-rays and schedule a bone scan (he said if it was cancer, it would light up--is this a pet scan--she has not ever had a pet scan). He said if it is cancer, she should get the pin put in and start radiation but if it is steroid damage that she should not get the pin. What??

I spoke to my mom's oncologist about the above and he said the surgery is only a one night stay in the hospital and that it was a small incision and not invasive. After the surgery, she would have to wait 10 days to start radiation.

My Mom is in so much pain right now from her back and tailbone and not able to start radiation. In the last two weeks, she has been marked all over her chest for radiation to the collarbone only to then get more tests and get marked all over her back and hips to then not start radiation again. She is so marked up--it doesn't even look possible to radiate all of the marks on her body!

I'm sorry to complain, but I'm really frustrated and angry that my mom is having to go through all the steps and not get any relief from her pain.

Thanks for listening and for any advice you have.


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Trish -

Make sure you ask what the maximum radiation fractions she can have are... they may be able to wipe the hip pain out in 1-2 major fractions (they were able to with my mom as the hip has no organs near it that can be damaged) -- Sounds like the goal right now is to get her out of pain as she starts radiation -- ask about a morphine pump, fentanyl patches - if she isn't on them, Actiq suckers -- just get her out of pain so that you can take each other thing a step at a time.

I am so sorry...it looks like your mom has put up a good fight --so don't get discouraged now....just push the doctors until the pain is controlled.

May God give your mom pain free days!


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