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Thanks from Idaho


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Hello all,

Thank you for all the responses, positive encouragement, and information!

I've added Tim's profile (if I did it right).

To answer a few of your questions.... when he was operated on they found the mini tumours throughout his lining of his right lung, so they closed him up without taking anything out. We wanted to add the Avastin immediately to the chemo, but he was coughing up blood, so oncologist was not willing to take the chance based on clinical trial results.

I've seen several posts/profiles of people who have had radiation in conjuction with chemo, so I've always wondered what determines if that can happen or not.

A little about our family - Tim is 46 (45 when diagnosed), and we have 2 sons - 7 and 9. I quit my job in March, and took another job which required a transfer to Idaho. I was supposed to start Aug 12th and the family was coming out the end of August, but God had another plan for us. I ended up moving out the end of September, since we needed the income, and Tim and the boys stayed in Columbus (he's been a stay at home dad since the youngest was 10 months old) where our support system is. He's tolerated all treatment very well so far, except for the 3rd day taxotore aches and pains. I think it's good having the boys with him, as he can see every day 2 great reasons to fight this horrid disease.

Though I wish I hadn't had to, I am so happy to have found you all, as no one really knows what you go through unless you're actually going through it.

thank you all......

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Hi Sandra,

I am also one of the people here who cannot help you. I am sorry about that but also glad that I have no reason to know that information.

I just want to welcome you and so glad you came out from the shadows to post.It really is satisfying to know that even though we did not know you that we helped you in some way.

I know there are so many of you out there who just read our post and it helps them in cope in some way.

I really hope they also join us like you did.

I pray for your husband and that they could find something that could help.

Your family sounds wonderful. Your husband seems to have a positive attidude and that is half the battle there.

I just know there is something that can be done for him. Hopefully, someone will have some answers for you.

We are always here for you.

Maryanne :wink

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Hi again, Sandra!

Listen, I just started to read this book that I have been hearing about since I was diagnosed. I could barely put it down! It is a wealth of comprehensive information. Please run out and rent it or buy it!

The name is "LUNG CANCER Making Sense of Diagnosis, Treatment & Options"

Author is Lorraine Johnston.

publisher is O'Reilly and Asso. 2001 first edition

about 400 pgs. with about 100 more of resources.

Worth it...every penny and minute!!!

Thank YOU! for being here. You made me pick up this book.

Cindi o'h

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