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May i ask a silly question


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Swimming is wonderful exercise. First question - how clean is the pool. Second question - what is your dad's white blood cell count ( used to fight infections.) Public pools used by little ones frequently have "pool alerts" because of accidents by little ones. They say public hot tubs can give lung infections to healthy people.

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:D:D , thank you for all your kind advices..... :lol:

Newbie, Qigong is a very good exercise......there is many types of Qigong, but I strongly believe that all types are good to health.

My dad is exercising one type, he feels so good after exercising. Moreover, he is going to learn another type of Qigong which there is a scientific research on Hong Kong cancer patients (sample), which conducted by one of our major governmental hospitals about its (specific type Qigong) benefits, the result found that those health condition of patients who exercise that specific "qigong" were better than those did not exercise. Sorry that I don't know how to translate those chinese into english especially the professional medical terms, the content is something like some inside body substances which help to fight cancer cell are increased. Now, this hospital opens classes for cancer patients. The name of that type of Qigong is "Kuolin Qigong". This type is especially addressing to cancer patients.

It is very good for you to find someone who know Qigong.

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