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Funny Story From Today - True


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My Richard is truly a master of surprises. He is so good at surprising me that I usually don't even try to surprise him. He's always sneaking by the parking lot at work and slipping something in my car to surprise me when I leave work. Today, I opened the office door just as he was getting ready to put a stuffed animal in. Busted!!! Well, he was supposed to be at the gym when he was at my office. I had arranged for Sweet Adelines to go to the gym, sing a couple of songs and deliver a rose and candy.

After he left, he went to the gym. I drove to the gym just as the gals were finishing their songs. You should have seen what I found! When they came, he ws in the jacuzzi. One of his friends had gone in and told him some people were there looking for him. He cam out in his trunks with a towel thrown over his bare shoulders! Biy..was he surprised to face four women who instantly broke out in song!!! His face was so red. Everyone loved it!!!

Finally...I was able to be the one surprising him!!!

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