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Topical Tx For Tarceva Feet ?


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My wife has successfully used an intensive care topical cream to counter her Tarceva-induced dry and scaly skin with the exception of her feet. Her feet have an extremely hard, dry, scaly, crusty appearance. So far she has been relying on literally saturating her feet with the cream that she uses elsewhere. Helps some but really can't penetrate this skin very effectively. Has anybody found an OTC product that provides good / deep penetration to moisturize and help heal feet in this condition ?

Thanks much for any suggestions.


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Don't know anything about Tarceva feet but I do have very dry skin and good old Vasoline and a pair of socks do the trick for me.

Just apply liberaly, work into skin and put on a pair of old socks, this works for me overnight.

With really dry feet it may take a few applications.

I don't know if there are any restrictions on what can be used when taking Tarceva but this may be worth a try.


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Hey BIll,

My pharmacist recommended Lantiseptic

I have to ask the pharmace to order it for me. It has helped tremendously with my dry skin and my son's dry skin on his leg's and bottom.

Has anyone tried Boudreaux's Butt Paste? No kidding.

I have heard good things about it. Embarassed to ask for it.

God Bless!!


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Try Lansinoh-type lanolin - look in the drugstore with the baby supplies. It's used by breastfeeding moms for cracked nipples (yes, it's as bad as it sounds :shock: ). There are usually store brands which are cheaper. It's highly purified lanolin, very thick stuff. It will stain, so put old socks on afterwards. I haven't seen anything which can withstand this treatment - including the monster calluses on my feet. A little goes a long way. It's great for chapped lips, too - but like I said, it WILL stain so be careful.

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