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Alimta and Eye Tears

Don Wood

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Just wanted to let people know that a side effect Lucie is having with Alimta is over-tearing in the eyes. She had this when she was taking Taxotere/Carboplatin three years ago. The onc explained that some chemos block the natural drainage ducts in the eyes and the tears spill out to the face instead of draining off. Don't know if anyone else has had a similar experience with chemo. Don

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Yes Don. Bill had an extreme case of this during his first round of Alimta. It was so bad that his cheeks became chaffed from the tears. Oddly, he didn't have that reaction following his second infusion. Keeping you and Lucie in my prayers.

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I also had a tearing problem. Two and a half yrs. later my left eye still tears once and awhile. I've been to three eye Dr.'s and they never heard of it.

Goes to show you how much Dr.'s don't know about chemo. I think the patients know much more about side effects. We all should collect data and start a book.LOL! Hang in there Lucy. Take care.



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Keith has had a similar problem from the chemo, but instead of his eyes tearing he is having excess draining in his sinuses which are in constant drain mode. He's had the sniffles and runny nose for almost a year straight now. It's not a serious problem, just very annoying to him, and his poor nose is always red and raw. :cry:

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Hello Everyone,

Thank you for posting the side effects that have been experienced with Alimta.

We never realized that the "nose running" was possibly one of them. :roll: No wonder Bill has been blowing his nose every day since he began treatment. He noticed it mainly when he went to lie down. The sinuses would drain from one side to the other.

This is a relief to realize this.


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