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(suki's results) meet my long lost uncle...


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Happy Happy NED Feet!!!!

Dancing the Cancer free jig of delight for Suki and my favorite BUNNie!

Thrilled beyond believe for you guys....

Hug hugs hugs of sheer joy!

NED NED NED is a chant of life so life affirming. We all hunger for it.

So happy for you,

Can't you tell?

Much love, EPpie

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Amie, I'm so sorry to have missed this, but I was SO busy, building that spare room at Suki's place....I hear Uncle NED's planning on hanging out a LONG time!!! :wink::wink:

MANY Amens, and prayers of thanks for your Mama's victory!



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Hey Amie!!!!

I haven't been keeping up very well with all the happenings here. Seems I have been late to a number of posts.

Isn't it WONDERFUL we are all so willing to share dear NED with one another???? He is certainly the BEST.......and the more of him to go around.........the better. Give Suki a big thumbs up for me. You know I always ask about her!!!!


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