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another LC Victim...

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FYI... as I am sure most of you know... Don Knotts passed away a few days ago.... almost EVERY article written on him said he passed away from complications of cancer... never mentioning it was LUNG CANCER... just interesting I thought.

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I live in Greensboro Not far from MAYBERRY and our news said it was a respiratory infection. I did not even know about the LC until I checked in here

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Hi Sharon.

I wonder if they meant complications from treatment of lung cancer? Hard to say without seeing the events.

Peggy's Don died from complications of treatment, not from lc.

I have lots of complications of treatment, serious health compromises from treatment of lc that may eventually claim me. I don't have active lc, but I sure got beat up in the curative treatment department.

My brother, Dick, died 6 months after diagnosis, not from lc, but from pneumonitis from the radiation.

Ultimately, I suppose it was lc, but it was definitely complications from the treatments that claimed his young life.

There are risks associated with intervention. But, when faced with surviving or not, most of us are willing to take those chances.

I hope I am not doing a "Roseanne, Rosannadana" here! But, to me, maybe that is what is being said?

Cindi o'h

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This is another reason why we have to be our own advocates. Doctors always want to follow protocal and it's NOT good for everyone. I have had several friends die from treatment and NOT LC. Toxicity, body CANNOT eliminate toxin in the body system. You are poisoned. Start LOW DOSE and go up, sometimes can't come down. It's called OVERDOSE. That's why they have stage III and IV Toxicity from meds.

Hope this is not offensive to anyone. I just have to call a spade a spade with my eyes wide OPEN. It is just common sense. Doctors love to practice and experiment. One should know their own body and what it can and cannot tolerate...

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When I saw that Don Knotts died, it didn't say how. My mom forwarded me an article that said it was lung cancer. (Sorry, I don't have the link at work.) Even if it wasn't from the disease, it would be nice if the media put complications from lung cancer. Then at least it is still out there.

I can't believe how many famous people I have heard die from lung cancer since my sister was diagnosed. I guess I am more sensitive to it now.

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