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My mom is at the half way point of her wbr treatments. I can tell they are starting to get harder. She seems very tired and when she gets tired and weak she seems to get down in the dumps. For those of you who have had WBR or are a caregiver of someone, how long before she starts feeling better and starts to get her strength back? How were your results? I am scared about this treatment for some reason more than before. I need to hear some encouraging stories. Thanks so much. I continue to keep each of you in my prayers.

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My Husband Alan had WBR in July 2005. He was very

tired during the treatments and for a few months after.

Alan had a remarkable recovery as you will read in his profile.

Alan had only 1 tumor, but is was large and crushing his brain stem.

The tumor is completly gone!! Alan had some minor side effect from WBR

Short term memory loss and some hearing loss in his left ear.

Other than that Alan is living a pretty full life.

I hope this helps feel free to PM me if you want

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