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Deal or No Deal.....


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Yep...saw that one, Ginny. I just get so irritated with the people that have such poor odds but pass up a lot of money to go on. I felt so bad for the military dad that stopped because his two little girls asked him to. If he had continued on, he would have won a lot of money. That move showed what a great father this guy must be. If I ever make it on the show, I think I'll have to have some of you guys there as my personal advisors. How bout it?

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I watch it every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Love it, it really keeps you on the edge of your seat.

I am so glad that girl who had those 200,000.00 in college lones went all the way up to 349,000.00 wow I was soooo excited.

Its on tonight can't wait. Will have to tape the outcome of American Idol.

Maryanne :wink:

PS, I never really liked Howie Mandel as a comedian but he is awesome on the show.

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Yes, I've been watching too!

Such a dilemma on nights like tonight isn't it Maryanne?? :D

I'm SUCH a reality show junkie!

Can't wait til the Bachelor and Bachelorette come back again.

I know that Deal or No Deal has been having casting calls. They had one a couple months back here in Chicago. A friend of mine and her brother tried out. Her brother made it a few levels into their selection. It is pretty obvious that they are really starting to pick players that have good personalities and are NOT shy at all.

I'm pulling for ya Ann. I'll be a personal advisor...yelling NO DEAL!! :evil:

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Maybe we could strike a deal and get them to let us go on as a group, donating a portion of our winnings to LC research???

I'm sure thay could get the action and excitement they want from this group...lol!

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That's a great idea Ann, for LC research.

I juslt played your game. Pick number 4 which is my lucky number. Guess, the million was in my suitcase. I got the MILLION..... YEA....

Oh if it was only real.

Oh well,

Maryanne :wink:

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