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Healing rooms in hospitals!


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Thank You Randy, I believe in the power of healing from Jesus.

Before I had any treatment back in 2003 when I was DX'd. Bob and I traveled to the Healing Rooms in Santa Maria, California. It is part of Seattle's Healing Rooms. It is quite a Spiritual feeling. It is very tranquil and filled with the Holy Spirit. The presence of Jesus and healing is very powerful. I tuly give all the glory to God for my healing and my doctors' only assisted Jesus with my healing. I tell my doctors' this all the time. They agree with me..

God Bless,


Look up Santa Maria Healing Rooms

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I really believe in the power of prayer. There was some recent study where they were trying to undermine the affect of prayer (the study was done using complications following cardiac surgery), but I do not believe one can use a narrow based study to disbelieve such a powerful phenomenon.

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The study was done by CNN And It was specificc prayer related as I recall Not generalized. You could pray for strength but not speedy recovery was the results If I remember correctly.

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