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Leslie's garden


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Hi Everyone,

Just a little note to let everyone know (especially those who sent funding, thanks!) that Leslie's garden will commence construction very soon. When completed I will see about forwarding pics of the garden to share with all. It will be a xeroscape garden with a walkway. A large stone is going to be placed with a placard having Lelsie's name engraved upon it. Leslie's still is palying a large part in the small community of Crook, Colorado. A CO-OP food provider has come to town (Leslie's endevour) and some town councel changes have happened in large part of her efforts. Lelsie will not be forgotten here, for sure. I do so miss her, I must say. Even with the wonderful company and companionship I have found with my friend, Kathy, I still am overcome with loss at the strangest times. Seems to come out of nowhere. I miss my Leslie.

Ok, I am well. Thinking of you all. Sorry if I'm not here as much now. I am busy with work and now that spring has sprung, I am outside as much as possible.

Love you all,


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Hi Mark,

It's good to hear from you. Hope you will send those pics of the garden when it is done. You will never forget your Leslie. There are no two people alike and we can't replace them , that's for sure. She will live in your heart forever. We miss her too. Take care Mark.

Love and Prayers,


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