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liquid morphine started


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Started him on .75 and the next dose is 1.0. Does that sound normal. She was very nice. Tomorrow she will put a catider (sorry spelling)for urine. He has to have the bar up at night on the bed so he won't try to get up. She says it looks like around two weeks but only God knows. I'm going to have to set my clock tonight so I can get up and give him the morphine.

Anyway got to check on him now will write later, and thanks.

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I know this is so hard for you, but I know the morpheine will relieve his suffering. Whether the amount sounds correct or not, I don't know. My husband was only on it a couple days in a hospial environment, but we were very thankful for something to relieve his discomfort. God Bless you Linda. I will keep you and Mike in my prayers.



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I've been following your posts and I'm glad you've got the morphine for pain control. I also don't know whether the morphine dosage sounds "normal" or not (that depends on individual circumstances) -- watch and see how he seems on it overnight, you'll know. The hospice nurse should be educating you on the guidelines in that respect (how to keep him comfortable with whatever Rxs they have given between their visits) and what to expect along the way, so you're not shocked and scared. They should also be giving you a "forward looking plan" of how you can deal with any discomfort between their visits -- i.e. what can you do if "such and such" happens (based on your particular concerns of what you are seeing)......ask that nurse tomorrow about those sorts of things if they aren't telling you that yet so you will know what to do.

The last resort is the tried and true question of "what should I be asking you that I haven't thought of yet and what are the answers to those questions?" (works every time).

I know this has got to be so very, very hard on you -- do everything you can to make sure you get your rest and recoup time as well -- there's got to be someone or someone(s) who can help you out so you can rest as you need it ......

Please keep us posted as you have been along the way and we'll help as much as we can.

Hugs and prayers,


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I know how hard this on you. Can you ask them about a morphine pum which delivers a steady dose so that you won't have to get up? If they are putting the catheter in, I imagine he is staying in bed which makes the pum really easy.

The regular morphine should keep him comfortable. Prayers for all of you. It is so very difficult.


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