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Were there is a will......


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Howdy to you all.... this has nothing at all to do with Cancer.... (thank heavens!!!! :lol: ) It seems that's all my life is about anymore....

Anyway!!! I lost my computer and I haven't been on in such a long time that I had to find a way to see you all.... I missed you guys... I didn't realise how important you all were to me until I couldn't keep in touch with you.

I now live in my mom's house. I had to move from were I lived, and from were she passed, to her place. Talk about strange!!!!! I don't know if it will ever be my house. I have a hard time doing anything that she wouldn't approve of, I feel her watching me.

I find myself blaming her for things that happen in day to day life. When things move or disapear, I say it's mom. That mom didn't like it there, or mom threw it away. Silly huh?

I feel like I should be in a poltergiest chat room now....lol.... I know in my heart that I just want it to be her. I know that it's not, but it helps me to think that in a way she is still here with me.

Well.... that's about all I can think of to babble about. I will try to make it a routine to come to the library. I missed you guys.

Bye for now,


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I know you won't see this till your next visit to the Library but am so glad to hear from you.

Hey, maybe you can get a part-time job there teaching people how to work the internet.....then you can get on more often...

Have a good life Renee, you deserve it......

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