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Calling all prayers - Rod update


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Hello gang! I'm sorry that it's been so long since my last post, life has been pretty hectic. Rod received his first chemo on March 5-7th (carbplatin/vp16) and did fairly well through the weekend. His blood count dipped on saturday and he received 3 pints of blood that day. He is still on the vent and on Thursday the 13th, he was transferred to the Storz Cancer Institute/Clarkson Hospital. Upon his arrival, they were able to do an MRI and bone scan. He had his first radiation treatment for the spot on his lung on Friday and again on Saturday. As of Sunday, he may be getting a tracheotomy but I won't find that out until later this am. However, the bad news is that the MRI and bone scan revealed the cancer has spread to his liver, lymphnodes and bone marrow. I'm devasted but hopeful as his specialist is still saying he's got a 50% chance of beating this thing.

Yesterday, we had a good day. They've changed some of his meds around (eliminated the extensive use of morphine and valium) and will be giving him tylenol for mild pain and xanax to help relax him which will ease his panic attacks that he's been going through. He seemed fairly resigned to his predicament yesterday and I'm concerned that he doesn't see the use in proceeding. For the first time in a week, I was able to stand at his bedside without crying. I laughed at him, with him and at times I felt, for him. He is, without a doubt, the most amazing person I have ever met.

Please keep us in your prayers as we keep all of you in ours.

I would be most interested in knowing if anyone has beat this thing, this far advanced. I am unable to speak with the doctors directly because Rod and I are not married and due to the distance now between us and the fact that I have my son to raise, I cannot be there to ask questions and even though I've written them down and given them to his mother, she doesn't remember to haul them out when the dr. talks with her. I would appreciate some input on this or at least someone to please show me where to research this thing. I heard yesterday on the news that the FDA is researching coconut oil derivitives for their cancer cell destroying capabilities. I keep praying that God will guide the hands of those scientists and doctors to find a cure for all life threatening diseases, mind you not that I want to live for a hundred plus years, but....right now, I'd beg, borrow, bargain or steal to save this man's life.

Thanks a million.

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Prayers are on the wing for you and Rod. I admire the way you are hanging in there with him and not giving up. It doesn't seem as if the specialist has thrown in the towel either! Things sound hectic for you; remember to take care of yourself, too. Post when you can.

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