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Maryanne..an update

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Things are going pretty well. The house is on target. We are closing June 16th. We are moving in that weekend and mom the following weekend. We talk about how she can resume normalcy, like not being woke up all night every night and how she won't have to yell at the top of her lungs to get someone to help her onto the bedpan. Disgusts me that people are treated that way and it is NOT acceptable.

We talk about how I have a laptop that mom can use. John and I are curious if she has the attention span to play cards online like she used to. Heck, she may even become a member here if she can start focusing a little better. JOhn and I are spending our time looking for deals on high efficiency washers/dryers and a nice large refrigerator that can accomodate our evergrowing family. We talk about how we can have family meals together again.

This is a time of much hope for my family. We are ready for the challenge and anxious to begin giving my mom a feeling of comfort and love. As far as SF, he still walks around pissed bc he isn't in total control of everything. My mom asked him not to sell their house in case things didn't work out at my house. He was irate. They have a counseling appointment this week and I told him to work it out there. As far as my brother, he has not even visited my mom in over 2 weeks. I just don't get it. It's almost like an alliance thing with his dad. Oh well.

For me, I am trying to focus on the positive as much as possible. I am proud that I will be honoring mom's wishes and can just hope that everyone else follows suit. I plan on creating many happy memories in our new home.

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Thanks for updating Lori. I am trilled that everything seems to be falling into place for you.

Your mom has come such a long way and a lot of that is because of your determination. I am proud of you you are one tough cookie. :D

Fingers crossed that all stays well with her. I can't wait till she is tucked up safely in your home.

You bro will have his own demons to deal with when the time comes unless he makes some dramatic changes.

Take care,

Maryanne :wink:

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Glad things are moving along. As far as your brother, my experience has been it is often too painful for children to see their parents really sick. Not visiting is an avoidance and way of coping. Some people just aren't as strong as you are or don't think they can be strong. You have done incredibly well. I hope I get to meet you someday since you are just up the road from me. Prayers continuing for a smooth transition. Take care.

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