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For those that can't read the Grieving forum


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I had posted an update on how things are going for me these days and thought I'd stick it in the General forum as I know that many many of the members are not comfortable with reading in the Grieving forum. Looks like my post was filled with too much grief for the General forum and was moved. Funny thing is that I was very aware when I was writing it that I needed to keep it upbeat and thought I had done a good job. Had I known where my post would have ended up; I would have given you all the scoop on the real pain I'm feeling for I know that those who do read the Grieving forum would wholly understand. I guess reality can be a cold slap in the face. Thanks!

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Beth...I think you did a very good job of being as upbeat as possible in your post. Sometimes, it's hard to know where to post things. I'm glad I read it in the General Forum, as I didn't take it to be all about grieving.

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