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I wish I had better news to post, but its not horrible. I was in the hospital for a couple pf days because of dehydration and a little pneumonia. The head radaition is causing terrible vomiting and I couldn't stop and got real dehydrated. But some IV fluid and I was out in 2 days not a major setback. Istill have 2-3 more days of head radiation so hopefully things will settle down after that. Then I still have 2 weeks of chest radiation left. But that hasn't beeen so bad yet. Had to miss a couple days of work and I hate to do that. My chief died this morning of lung cancer. He was diagnosed a couple months before me but he just accepted it. I don't!

KatieB and tim, I'm thinkingof you and hoping for the best.

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Hey Len,

I am so sorry you feel bad. I was in the ER a couple of weeks ago myself for dehydration due to vomiting. As soon as I would put something in my stomach my body would just reject it within seconds! I found pudding was the first thing to stay down. I would dry heave, but I guess the consistency of it made it stay in my stomach longer. The body can do without food, but not fluid! Get you some pedialyte or gatorade. The nausea medicine makes me so tired!

You mentioned going back to work. How do you do it Len? I went back to work just recently, but will go out again for surgery soon. I will probably lose my job when I go out for surgery cause my FEML will run out. I will also lose my insurance and am worried sick about it. Well, I am sure this isn't helping you! You are in my thoughts and prayers.


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Goodafternoon Len,

Times are hard right now and will be for a few more weeks but then you will start to feel better. The radiation was the hardest thing for my Buddy to go through. It really took it's toll but then a few weeks later, he was started coming out of it as you will to...

Hang in and all will work out....hug the boys today.

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Hi Lenny,

Hope you get to feeling better soon. I'm going through the brain radiaiton now and -WARNING: VOMITING CONVERSATION TO FOLLOW- after my first treatment I had a bad headache that evening and got nausiated and vomited. My stomach felt queasy for several days since, but is now better and I didn't have any other vomiting. I've completed 4 treatments. I'm one of those people like Jerry Seinfeld (haven't vomited in 13 years). I did vomit 2x in one day when I got neutropenic during chemo and chest radiation, but I've been fortunate that it hasn't been a problem for me. I told the technicians on my 2nd visit about my troubles and they didn't think the radiation was the cause. Especially not the nausea and after only 1 treatment. A couple of people at work told me of recent nausea episodes so I thought maybe it was just a bug. Did they actually tell you that head radiation can cause nausea? Wonder why this would be? I was only expecting fatigue as a side effect, if anyone knows of other "physical" side effects, I'd like to hear about it. I know about the cognitive concerns and the hair loss. Anything else I should be expecting? I'm glad they were able to deal with your problem quickly. Work should not be your main concern right now, try to rest and keep your strength up for the battle. I'm so sorry to hear about your chief, that's got to be hard for you. Keep the faith and enjoy those beautiful children every chance you get. I'm praying for you and your family.

Jenny (a fellow hoosier, born and raised in Ft. Wayne)

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