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Getting to Know You - May 23


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I just finished reading "Marley and Me" by John Grogan. This is definitely one of the most heartwarming books I have red in ages. Usually, I read books and then pass them on for others to read. Not this one...I'm keeping this one to read again. Here are some reader reviews to share with you, in hopes you'll read this great book.

A truly marvelous book for any animal lover! The reader cannot help but fall in love with Marley and his family. Wonderfully written; it will make you laugh out loud and cry real tears. I will be recommending this book to many friends and patrons of the library. If you loved Jon Katz's wonderful books about his border collies, John Grogan's book has to be on your "must-read list." I cannot wait for it to be published!"

-- Margaret Quick

"This book is one that I will never let go -- it made me laugh out loud several times every night (much to the chagrin of my sleeping husband) and also brought heart wrenching sobs. It is fully human, and a spectacular read... BUY IT. LOVE IT. But keep tissues nearby, for laughter and tears."

--Kathryn Van Rooyen

"This has to be the best book I've read in years... [it] will stay in my heart, and already, people at work are on a waiting list to get their hands on it. If you have to read one book this year, this is it. Marley, I love you."

-- Bonita Stuhlmiller

"Just reading the description made me tear up. This soul-searching, but simultaneously hilarious, memoir really makes you wonder what the human race would do without man's best friend."

--Nomi Maeyama

"As a Lab owner, I couldn't wait to read Marley & Me; as a dog lover, I couldn't bear for it to end. I haven't laughed out loud so much since reading The Diary of Bridget Jones. And like the readers of John Grogan's column, my tears at Marley's demise were endless. Grogan has a wonderful voice; his mutual love story will resonate in my heart throughout the life of my own "bad dog."

-- Elizabeth Engl

"I loved this book and Marley! I laughed and cried my way through it in one day. An eloquent and loving portrayal of a sometimes less than lovable dog, Marley & Me is not to be missed! Thank you, John Grogan, for a wonderful book."

-- Bettye Aboud

"This book had me literally laughing out loud at many of Marley's foibles, yet also had me sobbing with grief at the end of his life. It made me realize how much I love and care for my pets and made me cherish them all the more. Marley & Me is a book I highly recommend to others, and would make the perfect gift to pet lovers everywhere."

--Melissa Parcel

"Touchingly beautiful story about one of the world's worst behaved dogs. Marley reminded me very much of our beloved Rio, who was one of the world's best dogs ... This book is a must-read for all dog owners who have ever loved and lost a treasured friend."

-- Sandra Herbert

"I couldn't put it down!! What a wonderful, heart-warming read. It made me love my dog over and over again."

--Aimee Dunlow

"I immediately fell in love with the Grogan family... I felt like I was reading a lively magazine article. Each word was infused with emotion ...."

--Tiffany Tresidder

"Marley & Me is a must read for anyone who has ever loved a dog... At the beginning I was laughing and shaking my head at Marley's antics, and at the end, I was sobbing as Marley's life drew to a close. John Grogan truly captures the joys and sorrows of canine companionship."

--Patricia Sanders

"Marley & Me is truly a wonderful tribute to human's best friend. I definitely would recommend it to anyone who has EVER loved a pet ... this one will definitely have you buying some extra doggie treats or kitty nip tonight."

--Shelley Krush

"From the very beginning, I was hooked on this book... In spite of his faults, Marley was a very special dog that touched the lives of everyone who knew or met him. I couldn't put this book down, and I enjoyed it very much from beginning to end. I look forward to reading more of John Grogan's books in the future."

-- Diane Kilmer

"Marley & Me is just a really good book that stretches beyond the story of a dog. I am going to recommend it to all my friends -- but they have to get their own copy!"

-- Diane Snyder

"This is a... heartfelt book about middle class life, and how it relates to the life of a dog. It has humor, tragedy, a sense of wonder, and the ability to make me laugh out loud."

--Kenneth Fricklas

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The Accidental Tourist -- I'd give it an 85%, maybe 90%.

However, right before that book, I read Marley and Me. That gets 100% plus!!!! Such a wonderful book for any dog lover. As the reviews said, you laugh aloud during it but have those "hankies" ready near the end.

gail p-m

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I loved the Accidental Tourist also. Did you ever see the movie?

The book I just finished reading was "Colony" by Anne Rivers Siddens. It was a great book.

Randy- Really??? I tease one of our office staff who reads all the Chicken Soup books that the next one will be "Chicken Soup for the Criminally Insane" they've done just about everything else.

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I read anything, I mean that. I would read an encyclopedia if I had nothing else to read. I've actually done that. My all time favorite book is "Wind from the Carolinas". I read so much when I have time that I forget what I read last.

There is one book I have to tell you about. While in Louisiana my son's neighbor came to me one day. She had two books. One was very inspirational about Angels and she told me to read it and pass it on to someone who may need it. I am going to pass it to our pastor. He lost his wife last month. The other book I wasn't sure if I would read. Usually I tend to skip through books that are ultra religous. I got quite a pleasant surprise.

The book I read is put out by Guidepost and written by Don Baker. This book has two parts and they both kept me very interested and gave me a lot to think about. The first part is titled "A fresh new look at God". The second is "No wonder they call Him the Savior". Both of these parts are written to let us know that we matter. They tell you how God didn't chose the smartest or even the most faithfull to do his important jobs all of the time. They also make you see that what you do matters. They also point out that God does work in our lives and He does forgive.

Sorry this is so long but I really think everyone could really get a lot out of this book. It is truly a "feel good" book.

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I just finished "Kitchen Confidential" by Anthony Bourdain from the Food Network. It is not for those who can't handle kitchen honesty but it was a fantastic book to me. Quite entertaining and educational!


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