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Painful life now


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Every aspect of my life is in turmoil now. I did not think it possible to feel so much pain inside and still be alive. I am praying for God to send some sense of stability and balance to my life and direct my path..but I am so scared right now of what the tomorrows will bring..which is so opposite of the way I am as a person....I cannot go into detail but I ask for your prayers that I am able to see the rainbow again through this darkness..thank you all.

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I am praying for you, and praying for your dad as well.

This d_mn disease really is the hardest thing I've ever gone through in my entire life. It is unlike anything I could have imagined, and yet I get up every day and go forward. I pray and I have hope, but these things came only after some of the darkest days ever.

You need to find that strength in you too. Grab ahold of your emotions and refuse to let them take you hostage any further.

Have you been able to talk to a counselor or anyone in person who might be able to help you get through some of this pain you are feeling? Also, anti-depressants can be some comfort.

At first I thought I could do this on my own. I thought there was shame in talking to a "shrink" and something really wrong with taking drugs. But now I see that there is no need to suffer like that without help. Drugs have not changed my feelings, what my thoughts are, or any of that, it just helps me able to process them through without deep despair and anxiety.

Just a thought.

If you want to talk, please e-mail me or PM me.

Prayers being sent your way


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Sophia, I'm thinking of you. It's amazing what strain a diagnosis of lung cancer can have on an entire family. It's like the ripples that radiate outwards when a stone is dropped into still water. Marriages are tested and sometimes fail, employment and careers can be damaged or ended, the list goes on and on...

You have my prayers.....

Fay A.

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Thank all of you for your support and prayers. I am hanging on as best as I can and trying to say one day at a time. My son left for Cornell (first born) and my husband moved out...so it is is just my daughter and I...this coupled with Dad and our daily battle with this darn disease is just overwhelming on some days..My step Mom is wonderful with him. But my natural mother had her leg amputated two weeks ago and is going downhill.. She refuses to eat....My Dad says my Grandma use to say that God makes no bad days and that sometimes it takes a bad day before a good day comes....one step and one day at a time sweet Jesus...I am strong and I will make it...I just wish I could feel happy again somehow...thanks for the advice Faye....I am on Paxil CR and it does help..imagine what I would be like without it!!! I pray all of us beat this battle cancer has given us and our loved ones..it takes and takes...but it can only take what we give it emotionally...thank you for your prayers...I truly believe in the miracle of prayer... Sophia88

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